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July 25, 2004
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WJZ 13 Baltimore

(WJZ) The Democratic National Convention is underway in Boston - and several well-known Maryland lawmakers are on hand for the important event.

Maryland Representative Steny Hoyer was the first state leader to throw his support behind Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry.

Hoyer told the thousands gathered that a Democratic presidency would lift the United States to new levels of safety and security. He also highlighted the need for better national security and better economic policies.

Senator Barbara Mikulski took to the stage to honor the nine female Democratic senators. Mikulski, one of the first women to serve as a representative, pointed to woman like Eleanor Roosevelt and Barbara Jordan who have paved the way for herself and others.

"We're here to stay and there are many more coming," she told the cheering crowd.

Mikulski also said Democrats need to make things like employment, education and senior citizen welfare a top priority

Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, as well as Congressman Elijah Cummings are both slated to speak this week.