Make It In America

Make It In America Amendments Pass House

Further evidence that Make It In America can be a bipartisan plan to create jobs: we wanted to make sure you all saw that the two Make It In America amendments to the Charter Schools bill passed the House today by voice vote. (Here’s Mr. Hoyer’s Floor remarks in case you missed them.)

The two amendments:

- Rep. Susan Davis (D-CA): Would add to the purpose section of H.R. 2218 the importance of innovation in public education to prepare students to compete in the global economy.

(Rep. Kline (R-MN) gave his support for the amendment: “This amendment is entirely consistent with the underlying purpose of the charter school movement. It improves the bill. I support the amendment.”)

- Rep. Luján (D-NM): Would add to the requirement that applicants include in their application a description of how a charter school program would share best and promising practices between charter schools and other public schools, by including in that description how they would share best practices in instruction and professional development in technology, engineering, and math education where appropriate.

(Rep. Kline supported this one too: “It's recognized that there's a growing… gap we need to fill in STEM education…. This is helpful to the bill and I encourage my colleagues to support it.”)

Even Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) expressed his support for Make It In America amendments after Mr. Hoyer spoke on the Floor, saying: “I like your idea, I may very well join you in some of those amendments.”