Make It In America in the 113th Congress: Support From Across The Country

The Make It In America plan is an agenda everyone can support:


“It’s time for Congress to focus on what Americans want and need most—jobs.  We need to create them, retain them and make sure that they are safe, family-supporting jobs.  Rebuilding America’s manufacturing base is central to rebuilding our nation’s economy.  The Make It In America agenda would finally create a national manufacturing strategy like those our competitors have, and that our country desperately needs. We need to close tax loopholes that encourage corporations to ship good jobs overseas.  And it’s not just the front line manufacturing jobs that have vanished – it’s design, R&D, support, service, and engineering jobs as well.  The Make It In America agenda is a big step in the right direction to resolve our manufacturing crisis.  We stand ready to work with Congress to invest in our future, to create good jobs and to make it in America.”

United Steelworkers, President Leo Gerard

“Over the past decade Americans have seen more than six million family-supportive manufacturing jobs lost and 55,000 manufacturing facilities shut their doors forever.  Steelworkers, their families and their communities have disproportionately borne the brunt of our nation’s lack of a concrete manufacturing policy and trade and tax policies which have resulted in U.S. companies cutting their workforces in the United States by a staggering 2.9 million jobs, while simultaneously creating 2.4 million jobs overseas. The United Steelworkers (USW) stand with Congressman Hoyer in support of the Make it in America agenda, a common sense package of bills that, if enacted, will help create and maintain good family supportive jobs in a vibrant manufacturing economy right here at home.”

American Automotive Policy Council, President Matt Blunt

“The Make It in America agenda that Congressman Hoyer introduced today is an exciting step forward in the advancement of American manufacturing expertise. American manufacturers are world leaders in cutting-edge manufacturing processes and the U.S. auto industry is a successful model of how increased investment in manufacturing skills and technology is key to economic growth."

President Bob King, The United Autoworkers

“The United Auto Workers is proud to stand with those members of Congress that stand up for jobs. The Make It In America agenda brings the focus back on putting people to work at a time when we need it the most. Making sure we have the resources to train our workforce and stay competitive in this global economy is imperative, and we look forward to continuing to work with these members to pass legislation that puts Americans back to work. We urge the House Republican Leadership to  schedule an immediate vote on the Make it In America legislation.

The UAW has a long and standing commitment to creating good-paying jobs in communities across America. One of our highest priorities in recent contract talks with the domestic automakers was to bring auto production and parts assembly back to the U.S. that had been previously performed off shore.  This means more jobs not just directly in UAW shops, but in the communities surrounding UAW auto plants”

Ford Motor Company

“Manufacturing remains the backbone of every successful economy in the world.  In the United States, manufacturing is leading our economic recovery and auto sales are driving growth.  At Ford, we appreciate the efforts by Mr. Hoyer to continue to highlight the importance of American manufacturing so it remains globally competitive for the future.”

Northrop Grumman Corporation

"The Make It In America agenda is aimed at strengthening our nation's manufacturing sector and encouraging innovation. Northrop Grumman strongly supports those objectives and appreciates Whip Hoyer's commitment to boosting the American economy and creating jobs.  Make It In America’s focus on supporting domestic manufacturing and ensuring a well- trained workforce for the future are critical to not only growing our economy but also strengthening our national security.  Northrop Grumman looks forward to working with Whip Hoyer and other Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to pass legislation that supports STEM education, spurs research and development, and ensures America’s continued global leadership."

Engineering, Smartronix, Inc., Executive Vice President Alan Parris

“The US is losing the ability to ‘make things.’ We are still the leader in ideas, but we are increasingly looking to foreign countries to manufacture the products. Not only do we want to employ our people in skilled, higher paying manufacturing jobs and prevent large trade deficits, but  the US needs to be able to quickly design, develop and manufacture products that are in our national interest. The U.S. cannot continue to be a technology transfer agent.   If we continue to outsource the manufacturing of our ideas eventually the other countries that we have manufacturing our products could become the designer and developer in addition to being the manufacturer.” 

Center for American Progress, President and CEO Neera Tanden

“Manufacturing laid the foundation for America’s broadly shared economic prosperity during the twentieth century, and the Make It In America agenda will continue that legacy by providing a comprehensive approach to strengthen American manufacturing in the century ahead. As our international competitors continue to develop and grow their own manufacturing sectors, Congressman Hoyer’s Make It In America proposes a plan to help our country stay a step ahead by making the right investments to create jobs here in the United States and ensuring economic prosperity from the middle out, not just the top down.”

Third Way, Economic Program Director Gabe Horwitz:

“As the country emerges from the recession, it is critical to develop a robust agenda that creates jobs and drives long-term growth for the U.S. in a vastly new economic era. The Make It In America plan takes this challenge head on by providing crucial support to American manufacturers, innovators, and workers. To grow and lead in the 21st Century, America needs an infrastructure that can support growth, ideas to power a dynamic economy, thriving businesses, and the ability to sell its products to the world. The Make It In America plan has the ability to find bipartisan solutions to tough economic challenges and create an environment for our country to grow and prosper.”

Alliance for American Manufacturing, Executive Director Scott Paul

“Not only do House Democrats have their pulse on what American voters want from Washington, they also know what our economy so desperately needs: a ‘Make It in America’ agenda focused on manufacturing. We know this plan, which includes investments in manufacturing, innovation, the skills of our workers, and guaranteeing a level playing field for our businesses, has bipartisan support. And we know it will create jobs. We look forward to working with Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to advancing the elements of the ‘Make It in America’ plan.”

National Council for Advanced Manufacturing. Chairman and CEO Rusty Patterson

“The Make It In America campaign will help build a stronger manufacturing sector and create more high-skill jobs.  In doing so, it will strengthen the nation’s economy and  provide greater opportunity for our young people.”

Metropolitan Enterprises, Inc. W.A. Tony Jacobs

“Now more than ever, during these times of economic stagnation and instability, we ALL need to get behind, and support, Congressman Hoyer's ‘Make It In America’ Initiative which will strengthen Small Businesses and Middle Class Workers thru creating manufacturing jobs locally, so that America can export globally.”

STEM Education Coalition Chair Jodi Peterson

“STEM education is closely linked with our nation’s economic prosperity and strong STEM skills are a central element of a well-rounded education and essential to effective citizenship. STEM education must be elevated as a national priority and Congress must continue to invest in STEM education reforms. We applaud the Make it in America initiative and its commitment to science, technology, engineering, and math education.”

National Skills Coalition Federal Policy Director Rachel Gragg, Ph.D.

 “On behalf of National Skills Coalition—a broad-based coalition of business leaders, union affiliates, education and training providers, community-based organizations, and public workforce agencies advocating for policies that invest in the skills of U.S. workers—I am writing in support of the ‘Make it in America’ agenda, a set of bills focused on revitalizing American manufacturing and rebuilding the nation’s middle class. National Skills Coalition applauds your continued efforts to strengthen America’s economy by encouraging critical investments in our nation’s manufacturing sector. … While some policymakers in Washington have turned their back on America’s workers and employers by proposing to virtually eliminate federal workforce funding, the Make it in America agenda instead offers real solutions focused on effective approaches to training our manufacturing workforce.”