Majority Leader Hoyer Blasts the Republican Motion to Recommit on Health Care

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Mr. Hoyer: i thank the gentleman for his comments. my colleagues, i ask you to reject this amendment. my colleagues on the other side of the aisle demanded 72 hours notice for the bill and they've gotten four or five months notice. they gave us 72 seconds to consider this amendment. this amendment deals with some very complicated subjects. and it provides, as we are not surprised it would for substantial -- >> will the gentleman yield? mr. Hoyer: i will not. for substantial billions of dollars, substantial bills of -- billions of dollars back to the insurance companies. that's what their objective is. yes, they say something about equity of distribution of money. no study. we set up very careful study to make sure that the people's money is distributed to the states in an equitable, fair, effective fashion. that is why we ought to reject this amendment for which we received no notice, no consideration, no discussion in the public. the republicans have been outraged about that, i ask our party, i ask each one of us, reject this motion to recommit and pass this bill...