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Lunch Hour Reading: Republicans' Economic Agenda Won't Help Americans

Today’s must read comes from the Wall Street Journal – Jeffrey Liebman’s op-ed gets right to the point that Mitt Romney doesn’t have a jobs plan, and Congressional Republicans are blocking President Obama’s proposals that would create jobs and get Americans back to work:

“Nine months ago, President Obama outlined his American Jobs Act and independent economists said it would create as many as 1.9 million jobs. While Congress has acted on some of his proposals—most notably, extending payroll tax cuts that provide $1,000 for an average family—it left more than a million jobs on the table.”

“…What would Gov. Romney do to create jobs now? In a word, nothing. In fact, the proposals he has put forward would slow the recovery, reversing the gains we have made since the recession ended.”

“If Gov. Romney is correct about the impact of spending cuts, then the House budget, which cuts spending by $187 billion in 2013 relative to the president's budget, would reduce economic output by about 1%. That would shrink employment next year by more than one million jobs.”

“Republicans in Congress are the only thing that is preventing these measures from putting more Americans back to work right now. If Mitt Romney really wanted to get job growth going, he would tell his Republican colleagues to stop blocking the president's proposals.”

So, Republicans are blocking a proposal that would create up to 1.9 million jobs, as well as passing a budget that could cut more than 1 million jobs. Doesn’t sound like a party that’s focused on job creation or interested in growing the economy.