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For Immediate Release: 
July 30, 2014

As we prepare to head into the August District Work Period, House Republicans are wasting time on political stunts and ignoring the priorities the American people care about – including jobs.

Today, House Republicans are wasting time and taxpayer dollars on a partisan, political lawsuit:

  • USA Today points out in a recent editorial: “A fair-minded look at the suit's merits suggests it's really more of a political grudge match, one in which the GOP is seeking an outcome it hasn't been able to achieve at the polls or through the legislative process... Judges have overwhelmingly rejected these interbranch lawsuits...” [USA Today, 7/27/14] 
  • Several constitution experts and conservative legal scholars believe the lawsuit has little standing, including Elizabeth Price Foley, a Florida International University Professor who was selected as a Republican witness and testified on their behalf: “When a president delays or exempts people from a law — so-called benevolent suspensions — who has standing to sue him? Generally, no one… That’s why, when President Obama delayed various provisions of Obamacare — the employer mandate, the annual out-of-pocket caps, the prohibition on the sale of ‘substandard’ policies — his actions cannot be challenged in court.” [The Daily Caller, 2/7/14]
  • The majority of Americans agree the lawsuit is a waste of time: A recent CNN poll shows 57% of Americans oppose the lawsuit. [CNN, 7/25/14]

Meanwhile House Democrats are focused on ensuring more businesses and families can Make It In America. House Republicans should work with us to bring Make It In America jobs legislation to the Floor for a vote:

  • Export Import Bank Reauthorization: The Bank’s Charter is set to expire September 30, putting over 200,000 jobs at risk. The majority of the House supports reauthorization, as do other stakeholders:
    • “A group of 41 House Republicans wrote to Speaker Boehner and [Majority Leader Kevin] McCarthy on Monday expressing support for the bank. ‘Failure to reauthorize Ex-Im would amount to unilateral disarmament in the face of other nations’ aggressive efforts to help their exporters,’ the Republican lawmakers wrote.” [The Hill, 6/23/14]
    • “As governors of states whose economies and workers benefit from exports, we urge you to reauthorize the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im)… Ex-Im is a vital export finance tool for exporters in our states, at no cost to American taxpayers….” [Letter, 7/15/14]
    • “Hundreds of business groups, led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, demanded Monday that the House vote on extending the Export-Import Bank’s charter.” [The Hill, 6/23/14]
  • Bring Jobs Home Act: This bill, which was considered in the Senate today, eliminates tax deductions for moving expenses for companies sending jobs overseas and provides a new tax credit for 20% of expenses for companies that bring jobs back to the U.S.
  • Securing Energy Critical Elements and American Jobs Act: This bipartisan Make It In America bill would secure critical minerals used in the production of energy efficient products, renewable energy systems, electronics, and other technologies. It failed under suspension despite receiving a strong bipartisan vote of 260-143 last week, and should be brought back to the House Floor under a rule.
  • Rewarding the Training of Employees for American Manufacturing: Introduced yesterday, this legislation would establish a manufacturing job training tax credit for American manufacturers who provide employees with job-related training.
  • Supporting Afterschool STEM Act: Introduced earlier this week, this legislation would create a grant to support STEM afterschool programs and strengthen state, local and community partnerships by encouraging mentorships between students and federal STEM research grantees.

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