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September 28, 2008
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Congress continues to work around the clock on the financial recovery plan proposed by President Bush to stabilize the economy and stave off the threat of a broader crisis.
Working in a bipartisan way, Democratic and Republican Members of Congress reached agreement with the Bush Administration this weekend on a plan that will reinvest in the troubled financial markets to stabilize our economy and insulate Main Street from Wall Street, reimburse the taxpayer by requiring a provision to guarantee they will be repaid in full, and reform how business is done on Wall Street by preventing golden parachutes and insisting on sweeping Congressional oversight.  Democrats also demanded that the final package have stronger protections for taxpayers, limits on CEO compensation, greater oversight and accountability, and help for homeowners to prevent more foreclosures from crippling our economy.  I intend to bring this important legislation to the House Floor for a vote tomorrow.
This past week, the House also passed the Job Creation and Unemployment Relief Act, a bill to stimulate the broader economy by creating jobs and helping those hurt in the economic downturn, and legislation to extend important tax relief and credits for businesses, renewable energy and families.
Sincerely yours,
Steny H. Hoyer

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