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October 2, 2009
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This past week, Democrats made steady progress on health insurance reform legislation that provides access to affordable, quality health care to all Americans. House Democrats continued discussions on merging the three bills passed by our committees, and with the Senate Finance Committee nearly finished marking up their bill and expecting to vote as early as Tuesday, we have brought health reform farther than it's ever been in the last 50 years. Next week, when all five committees of jurisdiction have passed their bills, we will be one momentous step closer to meeting our goal of health reform for Americans.
As we continue to fight for health care reform, today’s unemployment report showing continued job losses is an important reminder that many Americans are still struggling under the severe economic downturn.  While things are improving, we remain focused on helping those who are still looking for work, and the more than 15% of Americans who lack health insurance. The failure to cover them imposes a high cost on all of us: Americans with insurance pay an extra $1,100 in premiums per year to subsidize the care of the uninsured, contributing to the rapidly rising cost of health care. During these difficult economic times, and beyond, health reform will bring stability and peace of mind to all Americans.
Next week, the House will continue its work on the Fiscal Year 2010 appropriations bills. The Agriculture appropriations conference report makes investments in rural housing projects, helps those hardest hit by the recession, and protects public health through inspections and oversight of the food we eat to keep Americans safe from illnesses. The Homeland Security appropriations conference report invests in our national security priorities including protecting our borders, supporting our first responders, securing our ports and airports and preparing for natural disasters.

Sincerely yours,
Steny H. Hoyer

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