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September 19, 2008
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This morning, the Bush Administration announced a plan to work with Congress to address the urgent needs of America's financial markets. Democrats look forward to working together with the Administration to ensure that this proposal focuses on strengthening the economy and restoring confidence in the markets for the benefit of all Americans. Our priorities focus on protecting our economy from further decline, now and in the future, and ensuring that taxpayers do not pay the ultimate price for bad decisions made on Wall Street. I expect to have this bipartisan package on the floor early next week.
This past week, the House passed a comprehensive energy package, which increases responsible drilling, invests in key priorities such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon capture and sequestration, conservation, and provides energy assistance for American families. The House also passed the ADA Amendments Act, which reiterates the intent of the original Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to allow disabled Americans to pursue active, productive lives.

Next week, the House will consider legislation addressing the financial markets, which left unattended will impact all Americans. We also expect to consider a continuing resolution funding the government, the Department of Defense Authorization bill, legislation preventing the AMT from hitting middle-class families, and an extension of critical tax credits.
Sincerely yours,
Steny H. Hoyer

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Hoyer on Response to Economic Crisis
This morning, the Bush Administration announced a plan to join with Congress to pass legislation returning stability to the financial markets. Hoyer responded that Democrats are dedicated to working with the Administration to strengthen the economy and protect all Americans from the impact of this market turmoil.
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Hoyer Statement on Comprehensive Energy Package
Hoyer spoke on the House floor on Tuesday in support of the Democrats’ comprehensive energy bill that will lower gas prices and increase energy independence.
Hoyer Statement on the ADA Amendments Act
Hoyer spoke on the House floor on Wednesday in support of the ADA Amendments Act. This monumental legislation passed by voice vote and was sent to the President for his signature.
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Hoyer Joins Reid and Citizens Affected by Republican Obstruction
On Thursday, Hoyer joined Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and a group of citizens to discuss how Republican obstructionism and failed policies have weakened our economy, contributed to the turmoil on Wall Street, and neglected the real needs of the American people.