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May 18, 2007
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This week, the House passed legislation that will make our nation safer and restore fiscal reponsibility to our government.  The Defense Authorization Act makes military readiness a top priority so that our nation is fully prepared to face today's threats and challenges.  This bill also focuses on improving health care, benefits, and pay for our troops, and it passed with substantial bipartisan support
The House also passed a budget for fiscal year 2008 that is fiscally responsible, reversing years of irresponsible Republican policies that drove our nation into debt.  It invests in the priorities important to middle-class families, including health care, education, and energy independence.  It will enable our nation to fight the war on terror effectively - and it does not raise taxes.
Next week, we will bring to the House Floor an Iraq supplemental spending bill that will continue our efforts to hold the Bush Administration and the Iraqi government accountable for making progress in Iraq.  We will also consider lobbying reform, continuing the work we began on the first day of this Congress to make our government more honest, open, and accountable.
In honor of Memorial Day we will consider a veterans package containing several bills that will expand and improve health care coverage and services to veterans, among other things.  And as the summer driving season kicks off, we will take up two bills that address rising gas prices.
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Steny H. Hoyer

Hoyer: Democrats' FY 2008 Budget Addresses Needs, Reverses Fiscally Irresponsible Policies
Yesterday, Majority Leader Hoyer spoke on the House Floor in support of the Budget Conference Report, which addresses critical needs in areas such as national security, education, health care, and the environment in a fiscally responsible manner.
Majority Leader Hoyer Statement on Reauthorization of COPS Program
In conjuction with National Police Week, the House passed legislation reauthorizing the COPS Program, which will put 50,000 additional police officers on the streets over the next six years.  Majority Leader Hoyer supported this program, and said that it showed the commitment of House Democrats to protecting our communities and reducing crime. 
Hoyer: When It Comes to Energy Independence, This Administration Is Running on Empty
Majority Leader Hoyer responded to President Bush's remarks on energy independence this week, saying that while it is encouraging that the President recognizes the relationship between our dependence on foreign oil and our national and economic security, his policies have done little to address this problem.  House Democrats, however, continue to be focused on achieving energy independence.