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May 16, 2008
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This week, Democrats took another step in our effort to lower the record gas prices that are straining the budgets of American families by passing legislation temporarily suspending deliveries of oil to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  This action will increase our petroleum supply, and could help bring down gas prices slightly as a result.  This step joins other actions taken by Democrats, including spurring the Federal Trade Commission to investigate market manipulation, passing legislation on price gouging, and passing legislation holding OPEC accountable for price fixing.

On Wednesday, both the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan Farm Bill that makes an unprecedented investment in nutrition programs.  These programs will assist millions of American families who are feeling the pinch of rising food prices.

Yesterday, the House passed two amendments of an Iraq supplemental bill.  One amendment calls for a change in policy in Iraq, including a plan to redeploy all American troops within 18 months and a requirement that Iraqis contribute more to the reconstruction effort.  The second amendment restores full education benefits to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, giving them a GI Bill equal to what veterans of WWII received, and making them a key part of our economic recovery.  However, Republicans chose to play political games with the third amendment that provides funding for the war.  In a clearly cynical move to delay completion of this bill, 132 Republicans refused to vote 'yes' or 'no' on the amendment, voting 'present' instead.  Despite their antics, I expect the troop funding to return to the House Floor for another vote in the coming weeks.

Next week, the House will take up a tax package that will extend tax relief to millions of families, provide tax incentives to small businesses investing in new technologies so that they remain competitive in the global economy, and offer tax credits to invest in renewable energy.  We will also take up a Defense Authorization bill that focuses on restoring our military readiness, taking care of our troops and their families, and returning our attention to the war in Afghanistan.  And, for the first time in an election year since 2000, we will pass a budget conference report that invests in America's priorities in a fiscally responsible manner.
Sincerely yours,
Steny H. Hoyer

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Majority Leader Hoyer’s Statement on War Funding Vote
After Republicans failed to take a stand on funding the war in Iraq - the funding they claim is critical - by voting 'present,' Hoyer said that he can only speculate as to how they intend to explain that vote to their constituents.
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Majority Leader Hoyer Urges President Bush to Suspend Deliveries to Strategic Petroleum Reserve 
Hoyer called on the President on Tuesday to reconsider his opposition to legislation that will suspend deliveries to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, noting that the bill passed the House with overwhelming support, and is one part of Democrats' efforts to provide relief from record gas prices.  The bill also passed the Senate, and, despite the President's opposition, he is expected to sign it.
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Hoyer, CAPAC, CHC Applaud Farm Bill Nutrition Title's Impact on Minority Communities
On Wednesday, Hoyer joined members of the Congressional Hispanic and Asian Pacific American Caucuses to talk about the unprecedented investment in nutrition included in the Farm Bill that will help ease the strain of rising food prices for millions of American families.
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