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May 15, 2009
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This week, we continued to focus on a major priority of the Obama Administration and Congress: health care reform. On Wednesday, I joined President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Chairmen Rangel, Waxman, and Miller at the White House in ongoing talks to develop legislation that lowers health care costs, provides patient choice of providers and plan, and ensures access to quality, affordable care for all Americans. We have made progress since these discussions began, aided further with a pledge this week by major health care stakeholders to slow the national growth rate of health care expenditures. Congress will continue to work with President Obama to develop health reform legislation with the hope of considering a bill in the House by August.  
White House Health Care Meeting 
Majority Leader Hoyer joins President Obama,
Speaker Pelosi, and Chairmen Rangel, Waxman, and
Miller following a meeting at the White House on
health care reform.
Another top priority of the Congress is clean energy legislation. The Energy and Commerce Committee will begin consideration next week of the American Clean Energy and Security Act to create new clean energy jobs, save consumers in energy costs, put America on a path to energy independence, and reduce global warming pollution. In addition, this week, I introduced two bills aimed at increasing the reliability and security of our power grid, assisting in the deployment of renewable energy nationwide, and improving efficiency in the transmission of electric power. As we look to update our national energy infrastructure, as well as pursue the development of alternative sources, it is important that we are able to transmit energy efficiently and reliably, and at a lower cost to consumers.
On Thursday, the House passed the Fiscal Year 2009 Supplemental Appropriations bill, which includes funding for military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and additional resources to address the pandemic flu. The Senate will consider their version next week, and we hope to send a bill to the President for his signature by Memorial Day.
Before we return to our districts for the Memorial Day work period, the House will meet in the coming week to wrap up major business.  During this time, we will consider legislation giving established small businesses the needed tools and resources to succeed, create jobs, and drive economic growth, as well as two reauthorization bills to protect the country's transportation systems and ensure that Americans are safe when they travel. We will also consider the Senate's changes to the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act.
Sincerely yours,
Steny H. Hoyer

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Hoyer Statement on Pledge by Health Care Stakeholders to Reduce Costs
This week, major health care stakeholders voluntarily came forward and pledged to cumulatively slow the national growth rate of health care expenditures.
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Hoyer Introduces Legislation to Improve Efficiency & Reliability of Energy Transmission
This week, Leader Hoyer introduced two transmission bills that demonstrate his continued commitment to energy reform and efficiency. As we prepare our national infrastructure for comprehensive energy reform, it is critical we can transmit that energy efficiently and reliably.
Hoyer Statement on the Supplemental Appropriations Act
On Thursday, Leader Hoyer spoke on the House Floor in support of the FY 2009 Supplemental Appropriations Act, which includes funding for Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and pandemic flu.