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June 22, 2007
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This week, the House finished work on three appropriations bills that invest in America's priorities after years of Republicans actually decreasing investments in those priorities.  These bills also spend taxpayer's money wisely, restoring fiscal responsibility after Republicans adopted policies that created record deficits and debt.
The Energy and Water Appropriations bill addresses the issues of energy independence and global warming by investing in research into climate change and energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.  In a similar vein, the Legislative Branch Appropriations bill invests in the "Greening the Capitol" initiative, which will work to make the House energy efficient and carbon neutral.  At a press conference this week, House Leaders received the final report from Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard with recommendations on how the House can achieve these goals, and the appropriations bill will provide the necessary funding.
The State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill continues the efforts of House Democrats to stop the genocide in Darfur by directing investment toward addressing the crisis there.  The aid for Darfur is nearly double the President's request.
Next week, the House will continue our work funding the priorities of the American people.  The Interior and Environment Appropriations bill will invest in climate change research and clean air and water programs, and the Financial Services Appropriations bill will improve taxpayer services, close the tax gap, and help implement the Help America Vote Act by assisting states with preparations for the 2008 Presidential election.
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Steny H. Hoyer

Majority Leader Hoyer Delivers Opening Remarks at Helsinki Commission Hearing on Guantanamo Bay
Majority Leader Hoyer participated in the Helsinki Commission's hearing yesterday on Guantanamo Bay, calling for the detention center to be closed and show the world that the United States is committed to the principles of fairness and justice.
Hoyer Statement on President's Veto of Bipartisan Stem Cell Research Bill
On Wednesday, Majority Leader Hoyer issued a statement expressing his disappointment in President Bush's decision to impede potentially life-saving stem cell research that the American people and Congress support.
House Democrats Restore Fiscal Responsibility
This week, Majority Leader Hoyer spoke extensively on House Democrats' strong record of fiscal responsibility.  Below are several statements and documents put out by the Majority Leader's Office that shed light on Republicans' hypocritical attempts to reclaim the mantle of fiscal responsibility: