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June 8, 2007
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Yesterday, the House passed a stem cell bill that will allow lifesaving stem cell research to continue.  Over two-thirds of Americans support this research, recognizing the hope it gives to those suffering from many serious diseases.  The President should reconsider his veto threat and sign this bill into law so that the United States can stay on the forefront of medical technology and potentially save or improve the lives of millions of people.
Today I released a report on the bipartisan CODEL I led to Sudan in April.  This report follows the passage this week of a bill calling on China to increase its efforts to end the genocide in Darfur. 
Next week, the House will begin the important work of passing appropriations bills to fund the government in fiscal year 2008.  The four appropriations bills on the Floor next week will increase funding for veterans' care, strengthen homeland security, and provide for real progress on energy independence and global warming, among other important investments.
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Steny H. Hoyer

Hoyer: Stem Cell Research Provides Hope to Millions of Americans
Majority Leader Hoyer spoke on the House Floor yesterday in support of the Stem Cell Research Act, which passed the House by a bipartisan vote of 247-176.  Hoyer urged the President to heed the will of the American people and sign this bill into law.
Majority Leader Hoyer Meets with Darfur Relief Organizations, Releases Report from Trip
Today, Majority Leader Hoyer met with leading relief organizations that are working to alleviate the suffering in Sudan to discuss the CODEL he recently led to the region, and further actions that can be taken to end the genocide.
Hoyer: Congress Will Not Tolerate China's Unconditional Support of Sudanese Government

The House passed a bill on Tuesday calling on China to use its influence and economic leverage to stop the genocide in Darfur.  Majority Leader Hoyer said that Congress is monitoring China's collaboration with Sudan's repressive regime, and will not stand idly by.

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Majority Leader Hoyer's Statement on Resolution to Uphold Highest Ethical Standards
On Tuesday, Majority Leader Hoyer introduced a resolution that directs the House Ethics Committee to initiate an investigation within 30 days of a Member being indicted or criminal charges being filed.  If the Committee does not initiate an investigation, it has 30 days to report to the House on why they have chosen not to do so.  The resolution passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.


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