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May 4, 2007
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Following this week's veto by President Bush, Democrats are moving foward with our plan to fully fund the troops and offer a new direction in Iraq.  I regret that the President chose to ignore the will of the American people, and it is ironic that his decision came on the fourth anniversary of the day that our mission in Iraq was supposedly accomplished - or so the banner behind him declared.  Four years later, it is clear that the Administration's stay-the-course policies are not working.  Democrats will continue to look at all options that will change direction and lead to success in Iraq.
Also this week, the House voted to reauthorize the Head Start program, which will provide 10,000 more children with access to Head Start to ensure that they are prepared to enter school.  The House also passed landmark legislation - the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act - that makes a strong statement about our nation's commitment to tolerance and respect for our differences.  Two Innovation Agenda measures, the National Science Foundation Authorization Act and the Technology Innovation and Manufacturing Stimulation Act, were passed as well.  These two acts will continue Democrats' efforts to encourage discovery and keep America competitive in the global economy.
Next week, the House will move to the important work of reauthorizing funding for the Department of Homeland Security and our nation's intelligence agencies.
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Steny H. Hoyer

Majority Leader Hoyer Statement on the President's Veto of the Iraq Accountability Act
Following the President's veto of the Iraq Accountability Act, Leader Hoyer expressed his regret that the President refused to listen to the American people and change course in Iraq. 
Majority Leader Hoyer Urges Colleagues to Vote to Override Veto of Iraq Accountability Bill
On Wednesday, Leader Hoyer spoke on the House Floor to call on his colleagues to override the President's veto of legislation that fully funds our troops and holds the Iraqis accountable for making progress.
Majority Leader Hoyer Statement on "Mission Accomplished" Anniversary
Tuesday, May 1, marked the fourth anniversary of President Bush's speech in front of a banner that proclaimed "Mission Accomplished" - a banner that Leader Hoyer calls a potent symbol of the Bush Administration's rhetoric on this war.
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Leader Hoyer Statement on Hate Crimes Prevention Act
Majority Leader Hoyer spoke on the House Floor on Thursday in support of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which passed with bipartisan support.
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