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April 16, 2010
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This tax season, as a result of Democratic policies, 98% of taxpayers are seeing lower taxes. Beginning with the Recovery Act, which cut taxes by $288 billion, Democrats have enacted a number of tax cuts aimed at creating jobs and boosting businesses. Tax relief for both families and businesses is an integral part of our nation’s economic recovery, and Democrats will continue working to create jobs and rebuild the economy.
Interactive Graphic: What the New Health
Insurance Reform Law Does For You This Year
While the jobs report for March brought us good news that the economy is adding jobs, too many Americans are still struggling and out of work. That is why Congress took additional action this week to ensure that families hurt by the recession get the assistance they need as they get back on their feet. By extending unemployment benefits, we help ensure that Americans will be able to continue to provide for their families and meet their financial obligations, which also helps the economy. Moving forward, Democrats will remain focused on our top priority of creating jobs and building a strong and lasting economic recovery.
With health insurance reform now signed into law, Americans are already beginning to see some of the positive immediate benefits. Benefits available this year include the creation of a high-risk insurance pool for those uninsured because of a pre-existing condition, relief for seniors in the prescription drug “donut hole”, tax credits for small businesses to make employee coverage more affordable, and expanded access for young people to remain on their parent’s insurance policy up to their 26th birthday. Click here to try our interactive graphic to see which benefits you will experience this year.
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Steny H. Hoyer

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Hoyer Statement on Tax Day
On tax day, Leader Hoyer highlighted how Democratic policies like the Recovery Act ensured that Americans received higher refunds this year and noted that 98% of families have seen their taxes cut under President Obama.
Hoyer: House Passes Temporary Extension of Unemployment and Health Benefits
Leader Hoyer praised passage of legislation to help families who are still struggling as the economy starts to recover from the recession.
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Hoyer Statement on CAGW Earmark Report
Leader Hoyer was pleased with a report this week from the conservative group Citizens Against Government Waste crediting Democrats for their earmark reforms since 2006, including cutting the cost by 50 percent and creating greater transparency.
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