Is it Too Much to Ask That Republicans Listen to Their Constituents?

Another day, another Congressional Republican dodging their constituents as they share their outrage on Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act without offering a real replacement. This time, it’s Michigan Rep. Justin Amash. This headline says it all: “Scores Turned Away From Contentious Rep. Justin Amash Town Hall Meeting”:

“A security guard pushes closed the front doors to the Gerald R. Ford Museum against the force of dozens of people trying to gain entry.”

“More than 15 minutes before Tuesday's scheduled start time of 5:30 p.m., museum staff began barring entry to the facility.”

“What drew such large numbers to a routine town hall meeting?”

“Judging by the about 250 packing the auditorium, it was to aggressively question the Michigan Republican about his stance on issues ranging from the repeal of the Affordable Care Act to climate change to immigration.”

“‘Do you or do you not support the immediate repeal of the Affordable Care Act with or without a replacement?’ one attendee asked.”

“When Amash answered, saying he expects the burden of replacing the federal law upon repeal to fall to individual state governments, the crowd erupted with dissent.”

“His conversation with constituents broke down several times as individuals interrupted Amash to contest his statements.”

“Peter Dimitriou said he attended Tuesday's meeting to voice his opinion and, hopefully, influence the decisions Amash makes on behalf of Michigan's 3rd congressional district.”

“‘I want our country to be strong and I want Justin out of his bubble,’ Dimitriou said. ‘I want him to start dropping some of the ideological precepts he lives by to hear some of the real stories of his constituents.’