Issue Report ● Make It In America
For Immediate Release: 
September 7, 2011


House Republicans have been on recess for 246 days – with no jobs plan and little action taken to help put more Americans back to work. And unfortunately, the schedule they have outlined for the Fall still doesn’t lay out any meaningful action on jobs. Democrats, on the other hand, are committed to taking action on Americans’ top priorities. Here’s a look at our schedule for the Fall:



Name: House Democrats - Semester: 112th 

Course Course Description
ECON Supporting job creation and strengthening the middle class by focusing on our Make It In America Plan
MATH Taking a balanced approach to reduce our deficit that includes both revenues and spending cuts
HEALTH Strengthening the solvency of Medicare

Democrats are focused on our Make It In America plan - a plan to create jobs and restore economic growth by promoting an encouraging environment for businesses to innovate and make products here in the U.S. And as the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction begins its work, we are committed to a balanced plan to reduce the deficit that includes both spending cuts and revenues and does not put the entire burden of deficit reduction on the middle class and seniors.

The majority of Americans agree with Democrats’ approach:

  • 56 percent of Americans support a plan that reduces the deficit through a combination of tax increases and spending cuts,
  • While only 37 percent support a plan that reduces the deficit by only cutting spending while preserving tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.
  • And 60 percent of Americans support a plan to reduce the deficit by ending the Bush tax cuts for families earning $250,000 or more per year.

It’s time for the GOP to go back to school. They can start with a little math, where they need to learn that any serious deficit reduction plan must include revenues and savings. Then, it’s off to health class, where they need to learn the devastating effects of their plan to end Medicare. We hope Republicans will work with us this fall to take action that will strengthen our economy, create jobs and reduce the deficit without attempting to balance the budget on the backs of our middle class and seniors.

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