Fiscal Responsibility

It Keeps Getting Worse: Republicans Prefer Sequestration to Balanced Deal

We mentioned earlier this week that Republicans have started to accept sequestration, despite the devastating effect this would have on our economy. Apparently, it’s even worse than we thought. [Cue the horror music.] Even after Republicans saw GDP dip last quarter due to the uncertainty they’ve caused over sequestration, this news warranted little more than a shrug from our GOP friends. This CQ headline sums it up: “GOP Lawmakers Say Deficit Reduction Outweighs Short-Term Economic Blip.”

While Democrats want to reach a big and balanced deal that includes spending cuts and revenues, Republicans…eh not so much. Now, even more Republicans have indicated that sequestration is all but assured to happen:

Sen. Tom Coburn: “I think sequester’s going to happen. … I think people want it to happen.” [New York Times, 2/1]

Sen. Mike Johanns: “I just have a feeling the sequester’s going to happen. …I just think there’s so much concern about the debt and spending that it overrides most issues these days.” [CQ, 2/1]                                             

Sen. Kelly Ayotte: “[sequestration] looks like . . . where we’re headed.” [CQ, 2/1]

So take their opposition to working with Democrats toward a solution, and add it to the fact that refusing to work together means slamming right into sequestration and further jeopardizing our nation’s fiscal stability: that doesn’t sound like a good plan to us.