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For Immediate Release: 
April 26, 2013

This week, Americans began to feel the negative impact of the irresponsible spending cuts known as the sequester when flight controllers were furloughed, leading to airport delays across the country.  Unfortunately, instead of responding to this with a balanced solution to our deficits that turns off the entire sequester, Congress voted to only address its impact on the FAA.  This bill did nothing to end the sequester’s impacts on our children, seniors and military, among others. We should be working on a balanced solution that removes these irresponsible cuts for all Americans, not just in one area.

I was disappointed that Republicans continued to waste time this week rather than make progress towards addressing our nation’s fiscal challenges.  I have continued to call on House Republican leaders to appoint budget conferees to take the next step in producing a final budget. Our nation’s fiscal situation is a serious challenge, and we must confront it with a balanced and bipartisan solution that reduces our deficits, restores our fiscal credibility and stops the sequester.  When Congress returns in May, I hope Republican leaders will finally get to work on the many fiscal challenges that confront us.

Sincerely yours, 


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