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For Immediate Release: 
February 7, 2014

Instead of taking action on a number of critical issues, this week House Republicans wasted time on partisan legislation.  They did not bring to the House Floor legislation to renew emergency unemployment insurance, raise the minimum wage, or ensure America pays its bills. All of these items are critically important, and I will continue to urge action.

I’m disappointed that this week Senate Republicans again blocked efforts to renew emergency unemployment insurance to more than 1.7 million Americans who are still struggling to find work.  While our economy continues to recover, there is only one job available for every three people searching, and it is irresponsible for Republicans to refuse to provide this critical assistance.  Every week that Congress does not act, another 72,000 Americans lose access to this emergency program.  I will continue to push to renew unemployment insurance.

Last week House Republicans took a positive step when they unveiled a set of immigration reform principles.  Passing comprehensive immigration reform is economically beneficial to our country, and also morally right.  I hope Republicans will work with Democrats to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.

Sincerely yours,


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