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For Immediate Release: 
June 7, 2013

On the House Floor this week, House Republicans moved forward with a flawed appropriations process instead of working towards a final budget agreement.  Without a budget conference report, Republicans have set spending levels in accordance with the extreme Ryan budget. These spending cuts would be extremely harmful to critical programs that strengthen our economy and benefit our nation’s education, health, environment, security, and more. The first spending bills passed through the House this week - Homeland Security and Military Construction and Veteran Affairs - were spared from Republican’s drastic cuts, setting the stage for deeper cuts to come to the aforementioned programs.

I did not vote for the Homeland Security spending bill because it included a Republican amendment targeting ‘DREAMers,’ who were brought to this country as children and want only to help build a stronger America. This amendment would deny funding to immigration enforcement officials to prioritize deportations of criminal offenders over those of hardworking, innocent young people. This bad policy not only legalizes discrimination, it’s an attack on the values that have always made our country a beacon of freedom, justice, and opportunity.

Instead of continuing with a flawed appropriations process, Congress should be working towards a responsible solution to our deficits - a balanced and bipartisan plan that stops the sequester and puts our nation back on a fiscally sustainable path - rather than blocking the budget process, threatening our economy and risking our fiscal credibility. As Congress continues with the funding process, I will continue to push for responsible, balanced, and bipartisan solutions.

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Budget and Sequester