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The Full-Service Community Schools Act authorizes funding for full-service community schools, which are public elementary or secondary schools that coordinate multiple federal, state and/or local educational and social service programs through community-based organizations and public/private partnerships. The purpose of these schools is to improve the coordination, delivery, effectiveness, and efficiency of services provided to children and families.

Grants from the Department of Education to local grantees to provide funds for full-service community schools.  Local grantees must include a local educational agency and one or more community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, or other public/private entities.  Funds will be awarded to grantees that coordinate at least three services at a school site, including early childhood programs; literacy/reading programs for youth and families; parenting education activities; community service/service learning; job training/career counseling services; nutrition services; primary health and dental care; and mental health preventive and treatment services. Priority will be given to grantees that serve at least one school in which at least 40% of the children are from low-income families, demonstrate a record of effectiveness, and serve more than one full-service community school.

Grants to state collaboratives that include the state education agency and at least two other state government agencies or non-profit agencies to plan, coordinate and expand the development of full-service community schools; provide technical assistance and training at full-service community schools, including professional development; collecting, evaluating, reporting data about the progress of full-service community schools, and evaluating the impact of state policies and guidelines in the integration of federal and state programs at full-service community schools.

The legislation creates an Advisory Committee, composed of representatives from the Departments of Justice, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and Labor, to consult with the Secretary of Education on the development and implementation of full-service community schools.  The committee will identify strategies to improve the coordination of federal programs that are part of full-service community schools, consult with local and state grantees, and issue an annual report to Congress.

$200 million for FY05, “such sums” through 2009.  Local grants shall receive 75 percent of funds, 20 percent of funds for state programs, with the remaining funds used for technical assistance and evaluation.

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June 16, 2004