Hoyer's Response to the Health Care Summit on ABC

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... disheartened, they didn't know if they could bridge the gap. if they don't come to terms, they can push it through during the controversial method of reconciliation. >> top leaders were at the summit including house majority leader steady hoyer of maryland, -- steny hoyer. what i thought i heard from republicans today, a scrap this bill and start all over with a new one. did i miss something? did you find common ground? >> we have recognized common ground. whether we have found it -- but we have recognized it. your reporter mentioned a couple of things there was agreement on. the bench and pre-existing conditions and making sure the insurance companies have good competition. i am not sure we agree on that. it was, gordon, an extraordinary event. i can't remember a similar event where the president of the united states sat for seven hours with 30 members of congress equally divided between republicans and democrats, talking about a single issue. i can't remember that happening before. it was civil for the most part, it was certainly substantive. the republicans mantra which they repeated almost at infinite time -- ad infinitum, let's stop the discourse. i pointed out at the beginning of the morning that both president obama and john mccain that was seated at the table, the republican candidate for president said it wanted to pursue reform back cover every american, and that is john mccain. clearly, the differences that came out between the so-called republican bill and our bill was to cover and include 30 million people. the republican bill covers 10% of the people that are not insured. clearly, the differences were on whether or not we're going to make sure that americans had to the protections they need with respect to insurance coverage and with respect to the accessibility of insurance to all americans. >> let me put it this way, are you going to get republicans to vote for your bill? >> i don't know if that is the case. it is almost as if republicans have decided the opposition phalanx, if you will, is a political benefit to them. i think it's not, because a think the american people -- when you go through the individual items in our bill, do you think we ought to have accessibility for all americans, they say yes. do think we are precluded existing conditions, they say yes. do we make sure that you can't be canceled because you get sick? they say yes. what they do say also is, the republicans kept mentioning, the american public had doubts about this bill. the president had a new central bill, ideas for the bill on the table that were really focusing at this point in time. we're going to move ahead as the president indicated. we all said that we thought that this was an important issue, and the president said it was part of his agenda when he was elected. we think it is important for america to move forward. >> it is always good to see you, thank you very much. >>> now the death of a sea world trainer killed yesterday by a whale. the attack happened after a show when the will grab the veteran trainer by her ponytail and dragging her into the tank. he has been involved in two other deaths, the trainers say they will continue to work with the animal. >>> the maryland attorney general impeached? >> and who is suddenly not delivering the news. i am in montgomery county. coming up, why people decided to fight back to keep their paper carrier. >> and iraqi artifacts are recovered taken from the national museum. ...