Hoyer's Reaction to State of the Union on ABC

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... we have to build for the future by educating our young people. if you are a member of the house, like the minority leader of the house, as a democrat, you have lost 53 seats. how do you do that? here is steny hoyer. can you work with these guys? >> i can. i said i gavin mccarthy tonight. what the president did tonight was a serious speech about serious challenges confronting america. we need to have a growth agenda we need to have paid -- by many to have a growth agenda. we need to have less spending. >> will you be able to work with john boehner and the other republicans? >> i think so. the president struck the right chord around transportation and education. republicans are on that agenda. >> ok, so some republicans sat with the democrats. very nice. but as the president said today, it is one thing to sit together. the question is -- can you work together? >> that is exactly the big question. so how will his address be received outside of the capital? let's take a look at that now. let's get to the question that he just raised. we saw what happened when we saw them, the members all mixed up together. will there be any way that this plays out later on? >> it is not clear. there will be more bipartisanship going forward. it is a question over whether this was a one-night to deal or something that will perpetuate itself or go on in the future. >> how about outside the building? the president had to connect with middle america. do you think he did so? >> i think he did a reasonably good connection. i think he finished strong in his speech. he was uplifting. he talked about the state of the union being strong. that is something that presidents usually say of the start of their speech. but were people still watching at that point? >> good question paul ryan, how would you rate his response? >> i think it was fine. he did what he had to do. those responses are really difficult to give. you are in the shadow of the present, no matter what party you are in. i do not think he heard himself at all. it was about as best as one could expect. >> we appreciate you staying up late with us tonight. see you tomorrow. >> democrats and republicans across the area held separate watch parties to see the speech. one event was in bethesda. that is where tim kane was with thousands of others. >> this is our way of getting together, connecting. it is a good fellowship and showing support for the agenda that the president is using to move the nation forward. >> cannes served as governor of virginia in 2006. >> coming up, the revelation about all pros sister -- about oprah's sister 24 hours later. >>> gunned down close to home, his family and friends are asking questions. >>> bracing for a winter storm. ...