Hoyer Thanks Capitol Police for Their Service, Pays Tribute to Detective Gibson, Officer Chestnut

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“Mr. Speaker, I think it appropriate that one of us rise to recognize the sacrifice made by Detective [John] Gibson and Officer [Jacob] Chestnut.

“Detective Gibson was in the office of Tom DeLay.  Officer Chestnut was at the memorial door allowing visitors to come in. He was shot in the back of the head, Detective Gibson in trying to protect not only then-Majority Leader Delay but also other members of the staff and of the public.  They did what we expect them to do, and they paid for that with their lives.

“All of us, I know, express our deep gratitude to the members of the Capitol Police force, who every day get out of bed, strap on a gun, put a badge to their chest or in their wallet or on their person, and come to this Capitol to defend not only the Members and the staff but the millions of people who come to visit the Capitol of the United States regularly. They allow us to have confidence that we can do the people's business in safety and security.

“So not only is it appropriate, Mr. Speaker, that we pay tribute to Detective Gibson and Officer Chestnut, but also to give thanks to those who serve daily that this Capitol might operate on behalf of the American people.”