Hoyer Talks Votes to Passing Health Care Bill on CNBC

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... the answer, texas western college. >> did you do your brackets? >> i didn't do them. i was watching yesterday. >>> democrats in last-minute scramble as health care reform bill heads for a weekend vote. here with an update, house majority leader steny hoyer. good morning leare you? >> i'm very well. i was going to say a lot of people are talking about march madness but there's also this basketball tournament. >> there you go. >> i got you. >> i was going to say we're looking forward to maryland winning tonight. >> excellent. i think we're close and i think we'll have the votes on sunday. clearly i think members have concluded that we're accomplishing the objectives we set out to do in terms of making insurance affordable for families. not only for those who don't have insurance, 32 million who will add to coverage but also to those families who have it now and are being priced out the market as their premiums go up, co-pays go up, out-of-pocket expenses go up and make insurance companies accountable so they can't cancel policies when you get sick and put people into bankruptcy and can't preclude people from getting into insurance because of pre-existing conditions. the important thing here, joe, is that we had very, very important information from the cbo yesterday. one of our objectives was and pledges was we would pay for what we did and we were going to bring down the deficit. as you know, cbo indicated that we're doing both. we're going to bring down the deficit over $1.3 trillion over the next couple of decades. that's very good news. i think members are looking at this very favorably. >> it's been a lesson in civics. i wish i had gone to more classes or something. we've really learned a lot about how things work but we still have questions about what happens if it does pass. is it a given that if you change enough stuff in the senate, is it a given that they'll go along with the house if you mess with their bill too much? >> well, it's not a question of messing with their bill. you know the way the system works. you have a house and senate and you come together and agree on one bill you have to send to the president and i think -- >> you weren't able to do that after massachusetts. we're going through all of these other -- >> we should have been able to go to conference. republicans as you know wouldn't vote to go to conference so we have to do it this way. there's been some concern. essentially what you've got is something like all americans understand you're settling on a house. you have a senate bill that's the house. you say i'll buy the house but the roof is not quite the way i want it. we need to fix the roof before we settle on the house. that's the procedure we're going to go through. it's something that all americans understand. but i think we have made substantial changes in the senate bill which have brought prices down, made it more affordable for families and small business and very frankly, had a greater savings than either the house or senate bill. i think that those steps are very positive. >> some of the guys on the fence in your party prefer provisions in the senate bill. if those change -- you can rubber stamp it from the senate are a the house does its work. no way there's a problem in the senate? >> when you say there will be no problem in the united states senate -- house members would not agree to that speculation very frankly. >> we're going to go -- are we going to go through this again after you get the house? >> what i want to say is senator reid and i talked yesterday. he's absolutely convinced that the majority of the senate and majority rules in our democracy, that a majority of the united states senate we have come to agreement on what we call a reconciliation bill which is reconciling. reconciling the differences between the house and senate. we think we have done that. we think the senate will support that which the house sends them. >> leader hoyer, the bill is posted. we can all read it at this point. >> it's going to be there for 72 hours. the bill itself i want to make clear, the bill itself has been online for three months. so people have had an opportunity to review, read, and analyze the bill. the changes now, the reconciliation if you will, bringing these two bills together, house and senate, we're going to give 72 hours notice to review those changes and we'll vote. ...