Hoyer Talks on Repassing the Bill and Threats Against Congressional Members on CNN

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... republicans overnight. the senate busy plowing through mountains of gop amendments and may hit a procedural pothole. two fla in the health care, quote, fixes will now have to send the bill back to the house where congressmen and women will have to take another vote. >> it comes as the health care conversation is turning awfully ugly. with house democrats the targets of harassment, vandalism, even death threats. joining us from capitol hill is the house majority leader congressman steny hoyer. congressman, thanks for being with us. let's lk about the bill coming back to the house after the senate moved early this morning. they pound a couple of procedural violations related to the college loan program that got tucked in there. what does this mean in terms of repassing the bill? and do you expect that republicans are going to keep finding these procedural violations and kicking it back to you? >> well, my presumption is that they've found that the problems that exist, which are small, as you say, and technical. and that they will send the bill back. my expectation is, sometime this afternoon, and sometime later this afternoon is my expectation, we willass the bill and send it on to the president. >> all right. but, again, so you think that this will be it? you don't think they'll find anything else to kick it back to you for? >> well, i don't expect so, but one never knows in the united states senate. but i think the expectation of the senate leadership is that it will be coming back to us sometime this afternoon. >> and besides the delay, is there any other problem in terms of this? i mean, sth some of the members who had a hard time voting for it, is there any danger that it won't pass again? >> no, i don't think there's any daer. obviously, this bill is what we call the improvement section of the bill. it was the agreement between the house and the senate to makes improvements in the senate bill. the senate bill has been signed by the president. this is effectively the amendments, if it were a conference report, this would have been the amendments. and i have no belief that we'll have any trouble passing it through the house. >> all right. well, let's talk a little bit about the threats. congressman bart stupak out of michigan, the pro-life democrat who helped seal the deal received several disturbing voice mails. we have a snippet of one so the viewers can get a sense of what's going on. let's listen. >> stupak, you low-life, baby-murdering pile of steaming crap. you're a pile of scum. that's what you are you. you are and your family. what's you are, a piece of crap. >>> you also said that ten democrats have reported threats or forms of harassment, in some cases vandalism with member's of congress. do you think congressmen and women are in danger? >> well, i think there's certainly reason for concern. there's ason for care and both capitol police and the fbi are concerned, obviously, with public officials participating in democracy take positions. clearly in our country, we expect that to be done in a peaceful, nonviolent way. unfortunately, we got to all be cognizant of the fact when we use very hot rhetoric it can be seen as incitement to people whose judgment is not peaceful, is not nonviolent and who either verbally or physically threaten people with whom they disagree. that's not the american way. i think in a bipartisan way, the leadership has a responsibility. and all members have the responsibility to tell americans that's not the way we conduct our democracy. >> congressman louise sauter who d a couple of incident. a brick thrown through an office wind. it's more disturbing to me at that republican leadership has not condemned the attacks and instead, appears to be fanning the flames with coded rhetoric."" but the majority leader john boehner did come out and say this is not the way to do things. it's not the american way. do you need to hear anything else from the leadership? >> well, i think together, we need make a statement that clearly indicates that this kind of active is unacceptable in our democracy. but we ought to also conduct ourselves individually, whether it's on the floor, on the capitol grounds, or in our districts in way that not only says that but conveys that. that the debate was civil, constructive. it may have very serious differences of opinions on issues but we ought not give rise to the fact that because somebody disagrees with us, they somehow therefore should be subjected to either violent rhetoric or violent acts. i think we all have a responsibilities do that. >> in that statement from minority leader boehner he as went on to say after condemning what's going on, he said many are angry over this bill and they feel that washington democrats just aren't listening. how do you address that for people who feel they're angry and their voice can't heard. is there anything to tamp down ...