Hoyer Talks on the Health Care Plan Debate on Fox

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... another look at healthcare reform. a new poll shows support for the president's plan is now at an all-time low. according to reports, just 41% voters favor the plan. 56% are opposed to the plan. and the poll shows the gap wide ntion among sister citizens. only 33% favor the plan. 59% are opposed. >>> health majority leader senny hoir joins us now live from capitol hill. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it is our pleasure to have you here, sir. let's start with the debate here at home. we're talking about healthcare, and the senate's finance committee will meet to determine whether it should offer, meaning the government, its own health insurance plan to middle class families. tell us more about this proposal. >> well, on the senate sideyou say, there will be offering a proposal for the so-called public option. that is an option that will be available to people if they can't find insurance either on the exchange that suits them and they can afford, so they will have an alternative. the senate has not included that in its senate finance bill, and they will be marking up still, it has been ongoing, to see whether or not the majority of the finance committee will agree to that. in the house of representatives, i think there's broad agreement that a public option is a very important alternative, which will help to be more competitive environment, bring prices down, and assure availability and insurance for individuals. and businesses and families. >> and the public option also remains a top option for liberals, pitting liberals and moderates against each other in the same party. can we expect to get anywhere with this sort of factions off of different groups? >> let me say, first of all, i think there are a number of moderates who support a public option that is on a even playing field with private sector options. i'm not sure it's just liberals. but in any event, clearly there is a broad agreement in the house that that's a in the event and appropriate option. we will see what the senate does and take it from there. >> we just talked about the one poll that showed the public waning a bit in their support. does that work against lawmakers in our land if the public doesn't seem to be behind it, themore time it goes by with the healthcare debate? >> i certainly think the congress is a representative body, so they want to reflect the views of the american public. on the other hand, the views of the american public have clearly expressed over a long period of time that we need to reform the healthcare system. they know it's not working as it should. they know there are an awful lot of people who are not covered, and they know they are paying for these people, and those people aren't participating in helping to pay for their own healthcare. families are seeing their premiums go up by $1800 a year, they are losing their insurance as a result. they know that's not a system that can be sustainable over the long haul, and they know the costs for the government and for themselves are out of control. so i think they know there needs to be reform. i think there's a lot of anxiousness about what the reform is going to mean, and so we have a lot of education yet to do. >> let's talk about some international matters that have been front and center on the news. first up iran on thursday, a couple of days from now in geneva, we're set to see the talks with the iran and representatives of major powers, including the united states. these talks could be very important, we're talking about a very hefty sanction. what do you believe could be the outcome of these talks if they are not what the international body wants to hear from iran? >> i think iran's admission just recently, just a few days ago, of secret nuclear plant that they are burying into a mountain certainly does not seem to be for peaceful purposes, and i don't think anybody in the world believes iran when it says it doesn't want to produce nuclear weapons devices. as a result, the world has passed resolution saying this is not appropriate, you should not proceed. we're going to impose sanctions. in fact, sanctions have been imposed, but i think if these talks do not go positively, if iran does not agree to prove what it says it wants to do, and only pursue peaceful means and allow the international atomic energy commission's inspectors in to see that, i think you're going to see very, very tough sanctions being pursued by the international community and the united states. >> let's talk also about afghanistan, sir. some are calling this decision in afghanistan, what we are on the cusp of a decision, a ...