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March 17, 2005
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Stacey Farnen Bernards
(202) 225 - 3130

WASHINGTON, DC – House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today praising the inclusion of tax reform language in the House Democratic 2006 Budget.  Whip Hoyer worked with John Spratt, the Ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee, to include the language in this year’s Democratic budget:

“In our 2006 Budget, Democrats reiterate our commitment to making the tax code fairer and simpler for the American people. 

“Democrats support a comprehensive review of the tax code with the goal of reducing taxes for the middle class, as well as making it far easier for them to file their taxes.  Every budget is a statement of its authors’ values and priorities and this language makes clear that Democrats are focused on improving the tax code for the middle class.

“I look forward to putting forward Democratic ideas on tax reform and to working with President Bush’s Advisory Panel on Tax Reform in the coming months.”

Following is the language that is included in the House Democratic Budget:


It is the sense of the House that-
(1) the current tax system has been made increasingly complex and unfair to the detriment of the vast majority of working Americans;
(2) constant change and manipulation of the tax code have adverse effects on taxpayers understanding and trust in the Nation's tax laws;
(3) these increases in complexity and lack of clarity have made compliance more challenging for the average taxpayer and small business owner; and
(4) this budget resolution contemplates a comprehensive review of recent changes in the tax code, leading to future action to reduce the tax burden and compliance burden for middle-income workers and their families in the context of tax reform that makes the Federal tax code simpler and fairer to all taxpayers, and ensures that this generation of Americans does not force future generations to pay our bills.