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May 6, 2011
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Katie Grant,  202-225-3130

WASHINGTON, DC – Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today after the Department of Labor released their jobs report for April:

“Today’s report on April employment levels brought encouraging news for our economy. Our economy added a net total of 244,000 jobs, while our private sector grew by 268,000 jobs. That number marks the 16th straight month of private-sector job growth under President Obama—as well as the strongest month for private-sector jobs since February 2006, before the Bush recession. Nevertheless, the unemployment rate increased by .2 percentage points to 9.0%; and while that increase represents more Americans entering the job market as the economy recovers, the fact remains that millions are still out of work, at a time when high gas prices are putting a strain on every American family.

“That’s why this Congress—which received a strong mandate from the voters to focus on job creation—must put forward a positive jobs agenda. Unfortunately, after four months in the House majority, Republicans have yet to put forward such an agenda. This week, for instance, they spent time debating abortion and taking symbolic votes against the Affordable Care Act—but they are still leaving Americans waiting for a jobs agenda. Democrats, by contrast, have taken the lead with a wide range of job-creating proposals. This week, we unveiled the Make It In America agenda for the 112th Congress: a set of legislation to help American businesses stay competitive, create jobs making goods here, and sell those goods to the world. I’m hopeful that both parties can work together to make America more competitive and build on today’s encouraging news.”