Hoyer Speaks on Republican Politicization of Iraq

TimeCode: 21:02:06.6 maryland, the minority whip, mr. hoyer. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for four minutes. mr. hoyer: mr. speaker, the TimeCode: 21:02:24.5 most profound issue that this congress must consider is whether or not to declare and prosecute war, whether or not TimeCode: 21:02:34.3 to send our nation's sons and daughters into harm's way. a serious proposal has been made by a senior member of this body, a member who served the united states marine corps for TimeCode: 21:02:50.1 nearly four decades, a member who has served here for more than three decades and one of our nation's leaders in making our defenses the strongest they could be. that proposal raises legitimate and critical questions as to the prosecution of our nation's TimeCode: 21:03:07.8 war efforts in iraq. efforts that i have always supported. it suggests an alternative course of action that deserves TimeCode: 21:03:23.0 serious consideration and a full and fair debate. however, his proposal is not before us tonight. the republican chairman of the armed services committee offers TimeCode: 21:03:38.9 a resolution to immediately withdraw our troops from iraq. i don't support that. mr. hunter does not support it. he offers it to avoid serious TimeCode: 21:03:56.9 consideration of the policy our country is pursuing and proposals for possible at terntives. the majority -- alternatives the majority party's response TimeCode: 21:04:10.6 seeks to deal with this issue in a way that trivializes our consideration of how to conduct this war effort in a manner best designed to attain success. as such, this resolution is TimeCode: 21:04:27.7 beneath the dignity and responsibility of this institution. and the members of this body. all of us have sworn to defend the constitution and protect TimeCode: 21:04:45.7 this nation and the american people. all of us, all 435, support our troops. this resolution, this resolution is unworthy of our TimeCode: 21:05:01.7 responsibility to our men and women who are now serving our nation and who are deployed in harm's way. unfortunately, today's process mirrors, i say to you, the TimeCode: 21:05:15.1 superficial consideration of serious policy issues in this congress and demonstrates a continuing unwillingness to subject policy proposals to oversight and serious and thoughtful deliberation. TimeCode: 21:05:34.8 mr. speaker, i regret that i do not possess the eloquence or the vocabulary to express the magnitude of my contempt with which i view this shabby, petty political maneuver. TimeCode: 21:05:52.7 our responsibilities to our country and to our men and women in harm's way in the defense of freedom demands more of us. the majority leadership TimeCode: 21:06:05.9 demonstrates today, i fear, its lack of respect for this institution and for its great responsibilities to our democracy. the american people will see this day's proceedings for what they are. TimeCode: 21:06:23.4 the rankest of politics and the absence of a sense of shame. do you have 30 additional seconds. ms. slaughter: i'm sorry, i don't. mr. hoyer: i hope that we TimeCode: 21:06:40.0 reject this rule and this resolution. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired.