Hoyer Speaks About President Obama's Jobs Program on Fox

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... actually, that was richard lugar. john kerry said that the core of our challenge the last line in pakistan. -- does lie in pakistan. jane: the president pushing his job creation plan hard with lawmakers. with me now is one of the lawmaker that was in the meeting. steny hoyer is with us. leader hoyer, it sounds like the president is asking congress for another stimulus. did he put a dollar figure this morning on what he is looking at? >> no, we did not put a dollar figure on it. we talk about possibilities -- not a stimulus package -- which had a broader reach, but a targeted jobs package was discussed, and what options were available. i think everyone agreed we needed to take action to get more people back to work, employed, and grow jobs. we have had great success, as was observed, in bringing the loss of gone down from 741,000 in the last month of the bush administration to 11,000 this past month. that is progress, but we need to do more. we need to discuss investment in infrastructure. there was much discussion about getting the bank's lending to small businesses to expand jobs. jane: i do not have to tell you that a lot of people are asking the question, is more spending the right solution now? >> clearly, more spending for spending sake is not the answer but investing in the growth of jobs, and therefore, the economy, will be a good investment. the t.a.r.p. money, to the state, has been paid back, and we have made money on that investment. we are talking about investment in our economy, which will be a positive for the american people. jane: let's talk about something controversial, using this unused money from the t.a.r.p. program, the money allocated to bail out the banks -- is it legal to use it for something other than reducing the debt? it was meant to go back into the treasury. would that require new legislation? >> and the administration has indicated that they believe they have the authority to use the dollars in a brown stretch to stun the precipitous decline -- on the brink of the persian -- depression. president bush acts before the money, he got in, much of the money was not looked at, but we are going to look at the flexibility that the administration has. if they do not, it would be a good idea to use that money to stop our economy's slide. it makes sense to use that money to continue to bring the economy back and create growth in the jobs market. game cut in the interest of fair and balanced, eric cantor will be with us in a few minutes. jon: the president's jobs plan is pouring millions into so- called green jobs. what jobs are they, what kind of impact will consumers feel? john stossel has that ...