Hoyer Speaking on the Special Order on the Crisis in Sudan on the House Floor

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09/22/2010: CSPAN    CSPAN
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... >> i thank the gentleman. mr. payne: we will hear from our leader, the majority leader of -- from maryland, steny hoyer. mr. hoyer: i thank my friend for yielding. i thank him for leading this special order. i was pleased to, with him, undertake this special order because of the timeliness of the crisis that confronts sudan and the implementation of the agreement. i want to thank all the members for participating in this special order as well. it's important that we in the congress stay focused and send a message, as i will here, that we are focused. i applaud the gentleman for his statement tonight, i applaud him further for his continuing leadership. nobody in the congress in either the house or senate has been more focused over a longer period of time, has traveled more extensively throughout the world and to some of the most troubled spots in the world and to sudan and has -- than has the gentleman from new jersey, mr. payne and i thank him for his leadership. in fewer than four months, southern sudan will hold a referendum on independence, which was guaranteed by the 2005 comprehensive peace agreement which has been referenced. the c.p.a. ended africa's bloodiest civil war, a war which took almost two million lives and displaced four million. yet the risk of descending into war again seems too real. now, as on my congressional delegation to sudan three years ago, our focus remains the same. promoting peace, stability, and reconstruction across the whole of sudan. this is not only our moral obligation, but an important national security goal as well. we must work to en-- to ensure that sudan does not become a safe haven for terrorists. tonight, we're here to send a message to all those who live in and care about sudan. we support full implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement. we support a timely, peaceful, free, and fair referendum. on independence. and we support an end to the violence in darfur. these are immense challenges to be sure. but sudan's central government has shown that it pays close attention to the international community's intentions and actions, which is why we must present a unified, comprehensive position in our response to both the ongoing violence in darfur and the north-south conflict. i want to be absolutely clear. darfur remains and will remain a point of focus for this congress. we recognize that peace keepers are struggling and in many cases failing, to fulfill their civilian protection mandate and that humanitarian groups are swimming in red tape and facing daunting security challenges. president obama and the international community must continue to push khartoum on the issue of humanitarian access and independent human rights monitoring in the region and in the wake of what appears to be a near collapse of the latest efforts in doha, we must continue to strive far viable peace process. congress is watching, congress will hold you accountable. tonight, however, i want to focus my remarks on the need for full c.p.a. implementation and specifically on ensuring that the referendum on southern independence takes place on time and as i said in a free, fair, and peaceful manner. . and that results are respected by khartoum and the international community. with the referendum approaching on january 9, 2011, our own secretary of state said we can hear the loud sound of a ticking time bomb. the possibility of new bloodshed. what can we do to prevent it? the u.s. has stepped up its efforts in southern sudan and providing $12 million for elections and security allowing the government of southern sudan to establish 11 joint operations in the 10 states in collaboration with other partners. i want to applaud president obama for attending secretary ...