Press Release ● Fiscal Responsibility
For Immediate Release: 
March 25, 2003
Contact Info: 
Stacey Farnen

WASHINGTON, DC– House Democratic WhipSteny H. Hoyer (D-MD) released the following statement today regarding the Senate vote to cut the Bush tax plan in half:

    “Ever since the President unveiled his $726 billion tax plan, Democrats on both sides of Capitol Hill have warned that it won’t help create jobs, is fiscally irresponsible and unaffordable.  Today, the Senate clearly agreed, voting to reduce the size of any tax cut to $350 billion over the next decade.  Last week, twelve House Republicans agreed by voting against their party’s budget, and I believe many more Republicans do not truly support the budget and tax plans being put forward by President Bush and Republican leaders.

    “It’s fair to say that the Senate vote could be the death-knell for the Administration’s ill-conceived tax plan. 

    “Now that it’s clear that the President’s bloated tax package lacks support even among Republicans, and that our country will spend tens of billions of dollars on the war in Iraq, it is time for the Republican party to focus on a realistic budget plan for this country. 

   “As part of that plan, I hope my colleagues will take a very close look at the House Democrats’ stimulus plan.  It would jump-start the economy, create more than one million new jobs and it is fiscally responsible in a time of uncertainty.”