Hoyer Remarks at Press Conference on Republican Lawsuit, House Democrats’ Focus on Make It In America Jobs Legislation

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“Today, House Republicans are bringing to the Floor a resolution authorizing a lawsuit against the President, an unprecedented action, which many Republicans think is wasting time.  That is not what the American people want.  Americans are tired of a ‘do-nothing’ Congress focused on partisan divisions.  They want a Congress that helps everyone Make It In America and one whose top priority is to ‘jumpstart the middle class’ by creating jobs and opportunities.

“Republicans are wasting time on a partisan lawsuit, when instead we ought to be taking action to support job creation and expand opportunities for the middle class.  Yes – jumpstart the middle class.  Members here today will be speaking shortly about a number of important items that will do just that – items that are part of our Make It In America plan that you’ve heard so much about, and is incorporated into our message to the American people for the upcoming election.  It’s a plan for jobs and economic competitiveness.  We saw today in the most recent numbers a 4% growth in our GDP. That’s good, but we need to sustain it.  We need to sustain it so that people can Make It In America.

“Make It In America invests in four key areas that have broad support and are proven to help the private sector create good jobs – and when I say it has broad support, this is an agenda which brings the country together, does not divide the country.  So much of what we’ve been doing in this Congress is dividing Americans.  Our strategy, as I said, has four components: adopt a national manufacturing strategy; promote U.S. exports; encourage the return of jobs and innovation from overseas, on-shoring; and securing a 21st century workforce.  Eleven Make It In America bills have been signed into law, including, most recently, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, passed and signed by the President earlier this month.  But much more must be done to help our businesses and workers succeed, which is why Republicans should stop wasting time on partisan efforts that divide us and work with us to help more of our people Make It In America.

“…Again, we spend time on a suit that is going nowhere.  That divides rather than unites.  That is negative rather than positive.  We take time to sue the President and don’t put the Export-Import bill on the Floor, though the majority of Members support [it].  We take time to sue the President of the United States, but we don’t have a bill to bring jobs home.  We take time to sue the President of the United States, but we don’t have a bill on the Floor to – by the way, I think the Majority Leader is going to bring that bill back, because he knows that’s the bill America wants to make us more competitive and create research and discovery of things that will help us Make It In America.  We take time to sue the President of the United States, but we don’t have a bill on the Floor sponsored by [Rep.] Carol Shea-Porter, which will make sure companies train their people better so that advanced manufacturing can be pursued.  We don’t have a bill on the Floor to expand education, as [Rep.] Castro indicates.  

“We want to Make It In America.  We want our people to Make It In America.  We want America to make it here and sell it at home and around the world – and create the kinds of jobs that the middle class wants.  And, yes, I think [Rep.] Eric Swalwell has the template here: America is keeping score, and they’re going to find that, when they check it off, it’s the Democrats who are on their side and the Republicans who are saying ‘you’re on your own.’”