Hoyer Remarks at Democratic Leadership Press Conference on Republicans' Refusal to Reopen Government

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“I don't know if there's much to add. I think the American people were heartened by the fact that Senators were talking.

“They were, from all appearances they were close to reaching an agreement which would open up our government and which would make sure that the credit of the United States was not put at risk. And as Leader Pelosi has indicated, make sure as well that interest rates would not spike, that 401(k) values of retirees would not go down, that people would not be adversely affected.

"In effect what [Republican leadership has] done, once again, we understand from the Republican Conference, is to snatch confrontation from the jaws of reasonable agreement. That is what so angers and makes the public so upset, rightfully, with their government.

"[Americans] want reasonable solutions so that they and their families can have some confidence that their government is being run appropriately. But more importantly, so their lives are not disrupted. That government employees are not put out [of work]; when a veteran makes an application that there's somebody there to take the application; or Social Security or disability, somebody [is there] to take it; somebody to show them around the National Parks. All of these things we are undermining the confidence of the American people.

"It is such – so sad that on the brink of an agreement that would open up our government and make sure that America pays its bills, that the Republican Conference met this morning, apparently after a number of them talked to [Senator] Ted Cruz, and said no, it's not good enough for us.”