Hoyer Remarks After Democratic Caucus Meeting with President Obama

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“I want to say that the President emphasized over and over again what we also share, and that is he is willing to talk about all of the issues that our Republican colleagues want to talk about and try to come to agreement. But he's simply saying: we can talk while the government is open. The government doesn't need to be shut for us to talk, and we can talk while we make sure that the government pays its bills. I think the American public agrees with that, and we agree with the President on that issue.”

“Democrats are prepared to make sure that the government pays its bills. But good policy, good economics, and building confidence for the American people would be extending it for a substantial period of time, so the markets will have the confidence of where we're going to be next week, next month, and next year. So that although I think the answer to your question is, we're not going to vote against making sure that America pays its bills, we think it ought to be a longer term for the economy and the growth of jobs. Jobs, after all is really what we ought to be working on.”