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January 9, 2003
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Stacey Farnen
(202) 225-3130

WASHINGTON - House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer released the following statement today regarding the Democratic Governors' Association's Economic Stimulus plan:

"There is significant common ground between the House Democratic economic stimulus plan and the growth plan released by the Democratic Governors' Association today. Both plans are built on Democratic values of fairness and helping those in need, and both have the same goals of short-term stimulus and long-term fiscal responsibility. And both our plans are focused on creating new jobs.

"The House Democratic Caucus and Democratic Governors would provide tax relief to working families, which will stimulate the economy by putting money into the hands of consumers who will spend it. We also provide relief to the states, which face their worst fiscal crisis in more than half a century. State governments are being squeezed today by a stagnant economy. They are desperate for assistance in paying for homeland security and Medicaid. We also would provide incentives to small businesses because they are foundation of our economy.

"Democrats across the country are quickly uniting behind a stimulus that will lift the economy in the short-term and be fiscally responsible in the long-term. And we are banding together against the President's plan, which really is not an economic stimulus proposal but an ideologically driven grab bag of ineffective tax cuts that will overwhelmingly benefit the most affluent citizens in our nation. Moreover, the President's plan would possibly drain billions more from state treasuries. When it comes to stimulating the economy, the President only seems adept at photo-ops like today's appearance at a flag company in Virginia.

I look forward to working with our nation's governors in the weeks ahead as we work to pass a stimulus bill that boosts our economy."

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