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Click here to read a full transcript of Majority Leader Hoyer's Pen and Pad Briefing today.


Some highlights:


On House Democrats' Strong Record of Accomplishments:
"The House of Representatives has been extraordinarily productive during the first 4 months of this year…. The only thing standing in the way of, frankly, passing much of this has been the unwillingness of the Republicans in the Senate to cooperate in bringing matters to the floor.  But for that, I think many of these pieces of legislation would have been on the President's desk."


Read more about how House Democrats are passing legislation that matters to the American people.


On Combating Rising Gas Prices:
"We have seven hearings scheduled over the next 3 weeks on various issues relating to price gouging, relating to energy supplies, regarding antitrust relationships, and we expect to be discussing what steps we can take.  Clearly the solution to this is having alternative energy supplies.  We have discussed energy independence.  The Speaker has made it a very high priority item.  We believe energy independence is a matter of national security, economic security, and environmental well being."


On the Iraq Supplemental:
"There will be some modifications to our proposal that will be made for the purposes of, hopefully, having the President sign a bill, while at the same time giving to the Congress, the policy making body under the Constitution, the opportunity to revisit in the short term the progress that is being made in Iraq."


"I think that what we are doing is trying to reach a compromise with the President so a bill can be signed to support the troops, but which also retains for the Congress its policy making authority and oversight.  When I quote Mr. McConnell, it is clear that, in a bipartisan way, that Mr. Boehner and Mr. Blunt, irrespective of what they may have said about this particular proposal, have articulated a concern about Iraqi performance and in a sense that benchmarks for Iraqi performance were appropriate."

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May 8, 2007