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... year of sustained effort and debate, the united states congress finally declared that america's workers and america's families and america's small businesses deserve the security of knowing that here in this country neither illness nor accident should endanger the dreams they've worked a lifetime to achieve. >> welcome back to ""hardball."" that was president obama celebrating his partyty's big victory in the house last night. now it's on to the senate so now what? democratic congressman steny hoyer is the house majority leader. let me start simply about what's going to happen tomorrow in the senate. are you confident senate democrats are going to pass your reconciliation bill of fixes, word for word, this week? >> we believe that's the case. we can't be absolutely assured, nor can senator reid, but certainly that's senator reid's intent. i think it's an intent of the majority of the senate. we hope that's the case and we expect it to be the case. >> if they don't, if some parts of it get peeled away with amendments, are you guys willing to take it up again, yourself? >> absolutely. you know, we're going to finish ththe job that we started. we had a big victory. set the health care bill to the president for signature. he's going to sign it tomorrow morning. and we're going to finish the bill with the amendments called the reconciliation, reconciling the differences between the house and the senate. and when they pass that and send it to the president, that will be the law. if they make some changes we'll certainly be ready to receive them and consider them. my presumption would be, chuck, my presumption would be assuming they're modest changes we would pass them and send them to the president. >> you would accept it word for word. okay. fair enough. it going to be easier, are you going to lose more democrats who voted no on health care or more democrats who voted yes? >> i hope we don't lose on either side. whether -- >> of course. >> -- a member voted no or yes. i don't want to make that calculation. i don't, obviously, either vote was controversial with some. >> do you think it's easier done as a yes or a no? >> excuse me? >> do you think in these tough swing districts, mccain districts, for instance, it's easier to run as a yes or a no? >> many of our members made a calculation it was easier to run as a no. some made calculation they could run as a yes, but the real, i think, bottom line is going to be, i think what happened yesterday was the democratic party told the american people, the president told them, we've told them m we believe there out to be affordable, accessible health care for all americans. i think the component parts of this bill, people are going to find out that young people who can't find a a job coming out o college are going to be insured immediately. they're going to have annual caps on their out of pocket expenditures. they're going to have no lifetime limits. the small businesses are going to get a tax break so that they can get insurance. and those in high-risk pools will have a high-risk pool immediately available to them. so we think it's going to b be positive effect on this bill. as you've heard me say, chuck, in the past, the internals on this bill pulled very well. we think bill is going to be accepted well by the american people and, therefore, will be of help for democrats running whether running in no or yes districts as you pointed out. >> i uunderstand. very quickly. if you lose the majority this year, was this worth it? >> absolutely. we're not going to lose the majority this year. we're going to retain the majority this year. we have some extraordinarily good members who are going to bring a message to the american people that this will make america healthier and stronger. better economically and certainly better -- we're going to bring down the deficit with this bill as well, chuck. on all of those messages we're going to retain the majority. >> congressman steny hoyer,r, sorry about your tarapins, bubu it was a heck of a game you missed. >> it was a terribible, terribl blow to lose in the laast .3 ofa second. they had a wonderful season. coach of the year. it was a wonderful season. >> thanks very joining us. >>> i want to turn -- thank you, congressmaman. i want to turn to nbc's chief justice correspondent pete williams. we've heard a lot about these lawsuits state attorneys generals are filing. some have filed or plan on filing. all republican attorney generals in virginia, we've heard about south carolina, florida, about nine states maybe will get up to 13. explain what the lawsuit is. what standing they think they have. >> basically their argument is against the part of the bill that basically says if you don't have insurance you have to buy. >> the mandate. >> and if you don't buy it you get taxed. >> okay. >> their argument is the constitution doesn't give congress -- >> you said taxed, not fined. >> i'll get to that in a second. the constitution gives congress very broad powers to regulate commerce. ...