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July 16, 2004
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Congress Daily

House Minority Whip Hoyer met today with members of the recently
formed Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change, an
organization dedicated to the electoral defeat of President Bush
made up of a bipartisan group of 27 former government and
military officials. Formed in mid-June, the organization does
not expressly endorse Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., for president.
"But since we strongly oppose the re-election of George W. Bush,
we obviously prefer the alternative," the group's Web site
states. The group opposes the Bush administration over its
foreign policy, in particular the decision to go to war in Iraq.
Its mission statement reads in part, "We all believe that
current administration policies have failed in the primary
responsibilities of preserving national security and providing
world leadership." A spokeswoman for Hoyer said the minority
whip reached out to the group and asked to host an informal
discussion today on foreign policy and the Bush administration.
Hoyer met with seven members of the group, all former
ambassadors, including Arthur Hartman, who was appointed
ambassador to Israel by President Reagan.