Hoyer: Let's Substitute A Bill That Will Grow Jobs Instead Of A Bill That Wastes Time

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“I thank the Gentlelady, the Ranking Member of the Rules Committee, for yielding. I rise in opposition to the underlying bill and opposition to this rule and for a ‘no’ vote on the previous question so that we can substitute Mr. Connolly's bill for this bill, which will mean we'll substitute something that will grow jobs from something that will waste time. Not because those with pre-existing conditions aren't worthy of our consideration, and in fact were considered in the Affordable Care Act and will have, as of January 2014, some real protection. Not just high risk protections – real protections for them and their families.

“The previous speaker said this train wreck - this train wreck has already benefited millions of people. Millions of seniors, millions of women, millions of people with pre-existing conditions, millions of students, millions of young people who couldn't get insurance but could stay on their family's policy, millions of people who didn't have their benefits capped. Millions of people have already benefited, and the Republican Party continues to oppose and want to see this bill be a train wreck and are doing everything in their power to destroy the tracks. Everything in their power to make sure it doesn't work, make sure that hundreds of millions – yes, hundreds of millions – of Americans won't be benefited by bringing down costs and making insurance available to millions of people. Just like the little boy who complained to the court, who took the life of his two parents, ‘give me mercy because I’m an orphan.’ They are destroying the tracks that had been constructed to give Americans health care assurance.

"Now let me say, if we vote against this previous question, we'll have an opportunity to consider Mr. Connolly's bill. That bill will be consistent with the Make It In America agenda. Job creation. Not wasting time. We are going to do a bill on Thursday and Friday that we could do in 10 minutes. Totally non-controversial. It’s about helium. We are going to take two days to do that bill. Could be done in 10 minutes. We are spinning our wheels as the Gentlelady suggested.

“One bill that will be something that we could do for America and jobs is part of the Make It In America agenda, is H.R. 535, the Put America Back To Work Act Now, sponsored by my friend, Mr. Connolly from Virginia. It will permanently extend the Build America Bond program to help state and local governments leverage private capital to finance infrastructure projects – jobs.

“Build America Bonds have been strongly supported by mayors, city managers, county legislators, and state officials from both parties. Bipartisan support for this bill. At the local level it is a bipartisan solution that we know works because these bonds were used effectively in 2009 and 2010 before they expired.

“When it comes to making investments in our nation's infrastructure, we should be able to support local governments that want to attract manufacturing, invest in making their communities safer, cleaner, and more secure. And, by the way, if we create these jobs, the probability is these people who get these jobs will have health insurance and will be served, as the doctor would like, as I would like, hopefully.

“But let us not continue to waste time on a bill that we know has a deeply divided Republican Party, as we are going to see on this vote, I’m sure, and will not get through the Senate and will not be signed by the President. We are just wasting our time here. Political messages. And by the way you garbled your message pretty badly as I understand from the Club for Growth and the Heritage Foundation and Freedom Works. So vote against the previous question. Vote for building America and growing jobs. And I yield back the balance of my time.”