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January 19, 2007
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WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) spoke this afternoon at a press conference marking the successful achievement of the 100 Hours Agenda:

“We talked a lot about the “Do-Nothing” Congress.  In the last two weeks, we’ve seen what a Do-Something, Do-Good Congress can do.

“Behind me are the Majority makers, some people call them Freshman, but we call them Majority makers.

“But what they really did was give us the opportunity for action, give us the opportunity for progress, and give us the opportunity for a new direction in America. This agenda that we have passed over the last six days would not have been possible without not only the participation of these men and women behind me, but also the leadership of these men and women behind me.

“They are new to Congress, but they are not new to public service.  Whether it was in the private sector that they preformed public service, or as elected officials, we are very pleased that they could be here.

“We have passed an agenda that we promised the American people we would pass in the first 100 hours. And no matter how much fun they make, and no matter how many different ways they want to count it, we made it to the end of our 100 hours.

“So they can make fun of it, but they cannot make fun of the fact that for the first time in 10 years, we raised the minimum wage.  They cannot make fun of the fact that we made America safer by adopting the 9/11 Commission recommendations.  They cannot make fun of the fact that we are bringing education costs down for families and students and making America more competitive.  And let me say something about that. They railed against it, some of them, as if they hadn’t heard the American people talking about a new direction, but 356 Members of the House of Representatives, including 124 Republicans, voted for that bill.

“And we will complete, in just about an hour, our important work.”


Vote Totals Show Bipartisan Support for 100 Hours Agenda