Hoyer Interview on MSNBC's "Up with Steve Kornacki"

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On Immigration Reform and the Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

“What we need to do in my view, however, is meet the immediate challenge of processing these folks who have come across the borders, many of whom are children. Treat them in a humane way and consistent with law. Secondly, what we need to do is then determine exactly what the status of legislation is, have hearings, and consider in a way that will give time to reflect on what ought to be done. Now we could immediately, of course, come to what is a bipartisan agreement from the Senate and bipartisan agreement, frankly, in the House on border security in a comprehensive immigration reform bill, which is exactly what we ought to do, and which Republicans have refused to do, notwithstanding a majority of the American people who support that.”

“I think if the republicans allow themselves to deal with the immediate challenge [at the border], and that is to fund the resources necessary to deal with the challenge, and not get mired in an ideological debate or substantive debate, on which there have been no hearings and no ability to reflect, then I think we'll do it. My understanding is though today [Republicans are] going to say there's a possibility oof doing it. Why? Because, as usual, the Republican Party is a deeply divided party. I think we could get votes for a response to the immediate challenge that the administration has requested. Now, there may be a difference on the number. Frankly, I think under a billion dollars is clearly insufficient funds to do the job that is required to do. Not ideologically, not by Democrats and Republicans, but simply by the requirements of the law.”

On Republican’s Political Lawsuit

If [Republicans try to impeach the president], they will lose. the american publi will think that isa a totally political bad policy to pursue and further reflection of the radical nature of the republican party. and of a republican party that is focused solely on politics. not on the, on the welfare of the country at large…. A suit against the president, which is now going to be on the calendar, in just the few short days that we have left, they're going to take up time about suing the president, which their own witnesses say is problematic at very best. They're wasting time on politics and confrontation. and while 57% of the republicans may think that's a good idea, 70 to 80% of the America people think it's a lousy idea.

On the November Elections

“One, [Democrats] have some extraordinarily good candidates around the country. Secondly, we’re out raising the Republicans even though wetre the minority party, we’re out raising, in terms of dollars received, than our Republican counterparts and the Republican Campaign Committee, and by a pretty good amount. We have almost $9 million more dollars on hand than the Republicans have. … [So, we have] good candidates, we’re raising money. And thirdly, very frankly, my experience over the last three or four years is the Republicans have a penchant for self-destruction. They have a penchant for doing things [that cause] the American public to shake their heads and say, ‘Why are they doing that?’ They shutdown the government. It wasn’t a mistake. It was a policy of shutting down the government. The American public thought that was dumb. Furthermore, if you go issue by issue – comprehensive immigration reform, minimum wage, jobs legislation, violence against women – if you just go through a litany of issues, 65 to 70 percent of the American people agree with the  Democratic position. So you put good candidates, [a] good message, and resources together, I think we have an excellent opportunity.”