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June 5, 2014
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Stephanie Young, 202-225-3130

WASHINGTON, DC - House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) appeared on Bloomberg TV's "Street Smart with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson" this afternoon. Below are excerpts from the interview and a link to the video.

Click here to watch the video.

On EPA’s Clean Power Plan

“Obviously, we believe that global warming is a very, very serious issue, not only from a health standpoint, but from an economic standpoint, and we think that this is a movement in the right direction.”

On Relations with Russia

“Well I think we can do more with sanctions. Obviously, we threatened to do more. Putin has withdrawn his troops to some degree from the Eastern border. He has taken some steps that we wanted him to take. However, he still occupies Crimea. He still threatens energy supplies for Ukraine. So, we need to make it very clear that those steps to undermine Ukraine’s individual ability to establish a viable democracy and a viable economy, we’re gonna... oppose efforts by Russia and Vladimir Putin to undermine those.”

On Cybersecurity

"So, we need to deal with this in a way that gives confidence to the world that our companies, when they have information, will keep that information’s integrity and privacy and will not have that disclosed.... We just passed a House bill on a bipartisan basis that took steps towards that end.... The high-tech community's concerns, I think, are legitimate. We need to address them and try to create an environment in which they can continue to be competitive and have the confidence of the world."

On Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl and the Prisoner Transfer

"First, let me say, everyone I’ve seen, General Dempsey in particular, said, look, we have a premise, we don't leave troops behind. One of the admiral’s said if he jumped off the ship, no matter the fact that he jumped off the ship, we turn the ship around and go pick him up. So, I think there is a great value in making sure that our troops know that we will bring them home. I think this is a much more complicated issue.... Therefore, we’ll have to make a judgment once we know all of the facts as to whether or not it was justified to release five people who can be very dangerous to the United States."