Hoyer: House Should Not Leave Until Middle Class Tax Cuts Are Signed Into Law

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“Mr. Speaker, we are now at some point and time going to conclude four weeks in session with little to show for it. Over the past month, the Republican Do-Nothing Congress has continued its relentless pursuit of message over substance.

“Not only have they failed to address job creation or deficit reduction in any serious way, they have also refused to work with us to pass bills that the Senate approved with bipartisan support: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, critically important to women and families; postal reform, absolutely essential; a farm bill. Their approach has been confrontation, unfortunately not compromise. As a result, House Republicans have been unable to govern.

“This week, in the most brazen abandonment of responsibilities we've seen yet, Republicans chose to adjourn for the summer – which we prevented – without a middle-class tax cut extension signed into law. We ought not to adjourn, Ladies and Gentlemen of this House, until we pass a middle-class tax cut.”