Hoyer: House Should Come Together on Behalf of the American People and Act Responsibly on CR, Debt Limit

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"Ladies and Gentlemen of this House, there are 435 of us that have been asked by our fellow citizens to come to Washington, D.C., to have the extraordinary privilege of sitting on this Floor and making, they hope, responsible decisions for their country. I regret that the House is not full at this point in time.

"I have a reputation for working across the aisle. I cherish that reputation because I believe that all of us have been given an honor and each of us ought to respect that.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of this House, we are days away from shutting down the government. We are a few more days from defaulting on the credit of the United States of America. I believe there are a small number of this House who are holding us captive and rendering apparently this House unable to reach compromise. The American people surely will not reward any one of us.

"There is, in my opinion, Mr. Speaker, a working majority for responsibility in this House. I choose to believe that, I do believe it, and I pray that it is the case. And I ask my colleagues to come together on behalf of the American people and our great country to act responsibly. And I yield back the balance of my time."