Hoyer Floor Statement During "Make It In America" Special Order Hour

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mr. hoyer: mr. garamendi, i thank you not only for your yielding, but more importantly for the extraordinary time you have invested in educating all the members of this house, on both sides of the aisle, in a what can truly be perceived, i think, as a absolutely nonpartisan, bipartisan pro-american agenda that says we ought to make it in america. and if we do we're going to make it in america, we're going to succeed in america. you've got our logo up there, manufacturing matters. i want to congratulate you and i want to congratulate ms. sutton from ohio, who has been such an extraordinary advocate, her legislation in many respects took the automobile industry and put it back on track. and that was an thax saved literally hundreds -- an action that literally saved hundreds of thousands of jobs. thousands of jobs in the automobile industry, but all the jobs that are related to the automobile industry. and i congratulate betty sutton for the leadership she showed and that legislation of course was passed in a bipartisan fashion. not a partisan divide on that issue. and, mr. garamendi has been not only educating the members of this house and as the american public watches the proceedings in this house, educating them as well. i go all over america and talk to groups and there is not a group that i've talked to, no matter how liberal, how conservative, whether it's a democratic group, a nonpartisan group, anywhere in this country, and i've talked to a number of the heads of major corporations and i've talked to a lot of heads of small corporations, two 200, 300, 400 members. and all of them are appreciative of the fact that we have focused the congress of the united states and the administration and america on the importance of making things in america. and as betty sutton, as i walked on the floor, was talking about, the kinds of jobs that we create in manufacturing, which have on average a 22% higher salary, that middle income, middle class workers, working americans can have the kind of quality of life that they deserve. and when you seeed for bringing jobs back to america, you see whirlpool bringing jobs back to america, you see other corporations bringing jobs back to america. why are they bringing them back to america? because they are finding out that they get better quality and higher productivity. the gentleman from california mentioned the steel and the bridge that's being built. we make the best steel in america. i was visiting the president of u.s. steel in pittsburgh, extraordinary technology, and we are the most productive producer of steel now. we frankly in the 19 oose sort of -- in the 1950's sort of rushed in and in the 1960's and 1970's, the japanese and koreans built new plants and overtook us in technology. but it wasn't because we couldn't compete, it's that we weren't competing. what -- american workers can compete with anybody in the world. and we're prepared to do so and this congress, hopefully, is going to give them the incentives and the tools to do that. so i wanted to come on the floor and join you as i have in evenings past to thank thank -- to thank you because i believe this agenda, if it's known to our republican colleagues fully and our democratic colleagues, but much more importantly, to the american people, it's an agenda that i have found has the support of eight to nine of every americans who shake their head and say, yes, that's the deal. i don't mean that the one or 10% are against it, it's just that about 85% say, yes, that's what we need to do. america can compete, america can be again the center of manufacturing and growth and the creation of jobs, we know that we've lost some eight million jobs over the last few years, ...