Hoyer Discusses Voter Empowerment Act on MSNBC

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“John Lewis was our lead sponsor on this particular piece of legislation, joined by a lot of people on our side of the aisle representing majority and minority groups. What John Lewis was saying was: look, in America we ought to facilitate, encourage, and make easier voting. Not doing what is happening in so many states, Al, trying to make voting more difficult to do. We want to modernize registration and have a responsibility of the state and local subdivision to make sure voters on are the registration rolls and included. That people with disabilities have access to the polls.”

“One of the things we deal with, you were the sponsor and drafter in the 2008 election. We wanted to provide provisional ballots. If somebody comes to the polls, and the volunteers who are trying to do their job, they may not be able to check that particular day or hour, what we said was, okay – they will cast a provisional ballot. That ballot will then be put aside, taken to the election office that day or the next, and if it's verified that ballot will be counted.”

“We're very proud, you and I and all Americans, very proud of this democracy. We're proud of the fact that we're the world's oldest constitutional democracy. One of our responsibilities, moral, ethical, legal, ought to be to make sure we facilitate, not impede, a person's ability to vote. Facilitate ease of registration, getting on the rolls, and being able to cast your vote. And we have a responsibility – moral, ethical, and legal – to make sure every American can exercise that.”